New Solas Regulation Implementing 1st July 2016

From the 1st July 2016 all containers loaded for export will have to be weighed. The Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations state that every container loaded for export will have to be accompanied with proof of Verified Gross Mass (VGM).

The VGM, which has to be provided by the SHIPPER will have to be forwarded to the shipping line before they will allow the container to be loaded on the vessel.

There are going to be 2 methods available to obtain a VGM and these are explained in detail on the below website along with other useful answers to various questions.

We suggest that anyone involved in container export read pages 1 to 7 to obtain a clear understanding of the new regulation.

Further information can be found at the World Shipping Council’s website at:

There will be further information released regarding obtaining a VGM leading up to the 1st JULY and we aim to work with all customers on an individual basis to assist making the new regulation as trouble free as possible.

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