We offer comprehensive marine insurance to give you total peace of mind

Our marine insurance ensures that your commercial goods or personal items are fully covered against damage or loss when being transported around the world by ship.

Having this insurance in place is a mandatory requirement when booking our sea freight services. We stipulate this so that in the event of cargo damage, we can quickly arrange for you to recoup any potential losses by raising a claim. Our marine insurance helps us to maintain the high standards of service that our customers have come to expect.

An overview of our marine insurance

We have a cell captive, which is reinsured by AIG, a renown global insurance provider. This means we can settle claims in any country and any currency.

Our cover is Institute Cargo Clauses A by default which is the most extensive insurance coverage available. For second-hand goods, we use Institute Cargo Clauses B or C, which results in cheaper premiums.

How much are our marine insurance premiums?

Insurance premiums are raised per consignment and paid via an invoice. Usually, you won’t have to pay an excess in the event of a claim. To find out typical costs for marine insurance, please contact us with the details of your shipment.

Container Ship disaster

Keeping your cargo safe is our top priority

In the case of loss or damage, you won’t lose out

Like to know more about this service?

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