Sea Freight

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Full Container Loads (FCL)

An FCL contains a shipment in a single container for one consignee. Benefits of an FCL shipment include:

  • Minimized risk of damage or loss
  • Potential for improved transit efficiency
  • Convenient shipment delivery for senders and recipients
  • Streamlined customs clearance and reduced administrative delays
  • Lower per-item freight expenses owing to optimal space utilization
  • Decreased lead times due to quicker loading/unloading

Less than Container Load (LCL)

This grouping of various cargoes into one container makes LCL shipping particularly advantageous for businesses dealing with modest import or export quantities. Opting for an LCL shipment offers several benefits:

  • Cost-effective solution for smaller orders, with charges based solely on the weight and volume of the space used.
  • Tradeway facilitates weekly/biweekly shipping timetables to and from various destinations.

Break Bulk

Break bulk ocean freight continues to play a significant role in international trade, serving as a complement to container shipping. While containerization offers efficiency and standardized transport, break bulk shipping fills the gap for goods that are unsuitable for containers.

Break bulk shipping is particularly suited for irregularly shaped or oversized items, perishable goods, heavy machinery, and commodities that cannot be easily containerized. It offers flexibility in terms of cargo types and sizes, making it an essential choice for industries requiring specialized handling, such as construction, oil and gas, and project logistics.

Air Freight & Courier

Time-sensitive deliveries
for high-value cargo

Fast Worldwide Delivery

Our worldwide air freight services are ideal if you need a quick delivery or if you’re transporting valuable goods. Security around cargo at airports is often tightly handled, reducing the risk of theft or damage.

Although generally more expensive than other modes of transport, air freight is typically the quickest shipping method with global parcel and cargo deliveries as fast as 2-3 days depending on the origin and destination.

High-value Shipments

Air freight stands out as the preferred choice for transporting high-value goods due to its unparalleled speed, security, and reliability. When time is of the essence, air freight ensures swift deliveries, minimizing the exposure of valuable items to potential risks.

The stringent security measures and controlled environments within airports and aircrafts provide an added layer of protection against theft, damage, and adverse weather conditions.

Courier Service

Courier services from the UK to overseas destinations provide international parcel and document delivery.

They ensure fast, secure, and reliable shipments to various countries, offering tracking, customs clearance assistance, and competitive pricing. These services facilitate seamless global trade and communication between businesses and individuals

Road Freight

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Time Sensitive Road Freight Deliveries

Tradeway excels in coordinating time-sensitive road freight deliveries and, when feasible, can facilitate same-day bookings and collection.

Refrigerated Vehicles

Our services encompass reefer/refrigerated road transport solutions, catering to the transportation needs of perishable food products and medical supplies.

Warehousing and Distribution

In collaboration with our strategic partners, we extend comprehensive warehousing and distribution services across the United Kingdom. Our offerings also encompass supplementary solutions like product mixing, order fulfillment, cross-docking, and packaging.

Project and Specialist Cargo

Efficient out of gauge (OOG) cargo
transportation solutions

Shipping for non-standard size goods

We’re able to ship oversize, out-of-gauge, or overweight cargo requiring break bulk or flat rack containers, from all major UK ports to any destination in the world.

We provide a complete service, beginning with the collection of your goods using specialist transport, packing and securing the shipment and shipping to the destination.

Vehicle Export

We offer two different options to ship your vehicle from the UK to destinations around the world. Container and (RORO) shipping.

The benefits of container shipping for vehicle exports includes access to a wide range of overseas destinations. It’s possible to export vehicles to more or less anywhere in the world using this shipping method. Also, personal items may be included in container loads.

An alternative is RORO, as the name suggests, vehicles are rolled on to a ship at the loading port, secured safely to the decks and rolled off at the destination port.

Temperature-controlled Transportation

We provide reefer/refrigerated transport solutions for perishable cargo, including food products and medical supplies, across ocean, air, and road transport channels.

Marine Insurance

Our Marine Insurance products
have got your shipment covered

Marine Insurance

Our comprehensive marine insurance ensures that your commercial goods or personal items are fully covered against damage, loss or theft whilst in transit. We are able to offer insurance solutions for goods transported via ocean, air, road or rail, and provide coverage for bulk cargo, general cargo, perishable cargo as well as storage risks. In the event of cargo damage, our team is able to assist with claims handling to recoup any potential losses.

Cargo Insurance

Our cargo insurance services provides coverage for goods and merchandise being transported by sea, air or land. Partnering with renowned insurers and underwriters, we protect against loss or damage to cargo during transit, including events like theft, damage due to improper handling and natural disasters.

Freight Insurance

Our freight insurance products cover the financial interests of the importer or exporter in case the cargo is damaged or lost during transit. It reimburses the freight charges if the cargo cannot be delivered to the destination due to an insured event.

Depending on the specific needs of our clients, we are able to advise various combinations of marine insurnace coverage.

Customs and Brokerage

Our dedicated brokerage professionals will facilitate
a smooth and swift passage for your goods

Customs and Excise Clearing

We handle the clearance of shipments, whether they are imports or exports, in accordance with the customs regulations of the respective countries. This involves ensuring compliance with statutory rules, as well as preparing necessary documents and processing required data.

Customs Consulting

Tradeway provides in-house expertise in areas such as product tariffing, product valuations, determining the origin of goods, and navigating trade agreements between different countries.

Customs Declarations

With direct access to the UK Customs Declaration Service (CDS) we can handle all your Customs Declarations, ensuring timely delivery on all imports and exports.